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African Project

BEe Healing and the Center for Honeybee Research have partnered in a beekeeping project in Dakar, Senegal, Africa. Lady Spirit Moon has traveled 3 times to Africa in 2013 to get to know brothers Andre and Jean Ndiaye. January, 2014, Ndiaye Apiaries was founded in the village of Nemending, a few kilometers from the Gambia border. The above picture shows the present state of the first honeyhouse. Renovations will begin at the end of January, 2014. The f ront room will be for extraction and bottling and the second room for storage of bottled honey and beeswax.

Leon Ndiaye

Andre and Jean's uncle, Leon Ndiaye, manages a 15-year old Mango Project of 3,200 acres with 6,617 mango trees. It was his idea to place beehives in the project when it began. Leon is a self-taught beekeeper and a bushman in every sense of the word. He hunts big game in the bush at night with his old Russian rifle he affectionately refers to as his second wife. At night the bush is so dark you can't see your hands in front of your face. Yet, Leon walks the bush and hunts for hours. The above picture is his handmade beehive he coiled out of local grass and colored twine.

Leone is learning beekeeping management techniques along with Andre and Jean. When the 3 fellas get a season of beekeeping under their belt, they plan to visit elementary schools and educate the importance of agriculture and beekeeping, how the 2 are needed for each other, and how both impact the Human race. 

Dr. Samba Thiaw

Dr. Samba Thiaw (pronounced chow) is an Agro-physiologiste at the Senegal Institute of Agriculture Research in Bambey, located about 6 hours from Dakar in public transportation. Dr. Thiaw manages several hundred acres of farmland and researches what will grow in his and other areas of Africa. Though he sprays his crops, he is very interested in working with the Center by having beehives placed throughout his acreages. We will be in contact with a food research lab in Dakar to test the honey from the crops Samba grows to check for contamination. He is aware of Monsanto controversy and wishes to explore both sides of the issue. He is very interested in the fact honeybees do not cross-pollinate.


To receive a tax deductible receipt, you can donate to the Center for Honeybee Research and designate "African Project."

Or you can donate to BEe Healing, designating "African Project" through the Paypal below or mail your donations to:

BEe Healing Organization
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We thank you for any considerations or kindness you express toward our African friends.

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